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'The Key Issues Keeping Directors Up At Night in Strategy, Governance, Risk & Leadership'



What are the key issues that directors have told us that keep them up at night?

They can be distilled into 4 key areas…

But before we go into those, ask yourself this question:

What is it that my team and my Board need that will enable us to create even greater impact this coming year?

Would enhanced awareness, and skills in strategy risk and governance contribute to this?

If so, then the Advanced Strategy and risk masterclass might be for you and your Board.

The four key things that are keeping directors up at night are:

  • What’s changing in our risk profile that we don’t understand or manage (e.g. cyber risk)?
  • How can my Board be even more strategic, whilst monitoring the operations appropriately
  • How do we deal with Board director behaviours that distract the Board?
  • Is our governance up to the task?

Explore this in depth during the webinar, with more in-depth conversation based on the questions you ask.

You will get some tools and techniques that you may have heard about but don’t know how they work... Or some new ones that you don’t even know existed.

Steven Bowman

Steven Bowman is renowned for his extensive knowledge and global experience.

Steven is a seasoned Board adviser, with a great depth of experience and skill facilitating Board reviews and the strategic planning process. He has held numerous senior executive, CEO and Board positions with some of the most prestigious organizations in the USA and Australia, as well as authoring and co-authoring over 14 books on governance, strategy, risk and executive leadership. He has also steered and managed various mergers in his role as CEO of a number of nonprofits.

Acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of strategic awareness, Steven has built a reputation around the world as an adviser who empowers his clients by offering multiple perspectives on any given challenge.



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