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Partnerships, Alliances, Mergers & Acquisitions 

For many organisations, considering an M&A deal is often the biggest and riskiest decision your organisation will ever undertake. This webinar will explore the crucial preparation and due diligence that should prepare you for M&A success.










Can your directors & executive team answer all of these 5 questions?

1. What would our nonprofit Board do if we were approached next week about a merger possibility?

2. What are the different structural options from collaboration and alliances, right through to mergers?

3. How do we test a merger possibility against our vision?

4. How do we safeguard the interests of the people and communities we serve?

5. What are the three biggest areas of financial risk when assessing a nonprofit merger partner?

With so much that can go wrong, preparation and planning is crucial.

This webinar will show you:

  • How to think about mergers, partnerships and alliances as growth strategies, even if your organisation has a small ‘footprint’
  • What areas to focus on when conducting due diligence on a potential merger partner to capture the greatest possible value and ensure there are no nasty ‘surprises’
  • How to protect the interests of the people and communities you serve during the process
  • The right way to successfully unify the various organisations after M&A has taken place

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The Presenters

Brendan Walsh

For more than three decades, Brendan has been a passionate and inspired contributor to nonprofits in Australia. His substantial experience includes roles as Senior Executive, CEO, Director and Board Chair of a number of highly successful and strategically focussed organizations.

He has worked in community and social enterprises, as well State and Local Governments. He has also spent close to a decade in private sector consulting roles in nonprofit and healthcare strategy, and including ICT.

Brendan has a passion for transforming organizations to better support the people and communities they serve. He also has interest and experience in helping organisations to identify and seize opportunities for alliances, partnerships and when appropriate, mergers.

He has direct experience in mergers that led to creation of a national alliance of disability support providers. The alliance and members now deliver supports of close to $1b AUD, Australia wide.

Steven Bowman

Steven Bowman is renowned for his extensive knowledge and global experience.

Steven is a seasoned Board adviser, with a great depth of experience and skill facilitating Board reviews and the strategic planning process. He has held numerous senior executive, CEO and Board positions with some of the most prestigious organizations in the USA and Australia, as well as authoring and co-authoring over 14 books on governance, strategy, risk and executive leadership. He has also steered and managed various mergers in his role as CEO of a number of nonprofits.

Acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of strategic awareness, Steven has built a reputation around the world as an adviser who empowers his clients by offering multiple perspectives on any given challenge.


Looking for something more in-depth?

Registrations for the full day Masterclass 'M&A Direct: Partnerships, Alliances, Mergers & Acquisitions' are now open. These Masterclasses will explore M&A in more comprehensive detail. You can find more details here.


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