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Get Conscious Governance's flagship Masterclass delivered in your community with three flexible packages.

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Why Host a Masterclass?

Many Directors, Board Members & Executives rate the Masterclass in Advanced Strategy Risk & Governance as the most effective and practical professional development they have ever attended. If you would like to increase the capacity of your community or sector look no further.

Spread Best Practices

Especially in rural communities, the opportunity to explore advanced strategy doesn't come along every day — unless you invite it.

Champion Good Governance

Build the skills and expertise of your Board and senior executive team, encourage strong governance and equip the leaders of tomorrow for success.

Do Good & Do Well

Depending on how you choose to work with us, you could collect all registration fees from a Masterclass in your community.

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Let's work together. 

Select the package that suits your needs.


Package 1: Hire the presenter

As the Host organisation, you handle the logistics and the promotion of the Masterclass.

This means you are free to collect all the registration fees for the Masterclass (usually around $595 incl GST but you can actually set the fee as you see fit). You are also responsible for the promotion of the Masterclass to your networks, and act as sponsoring agency.

This might also include offering a couple of scholarships to those who truly can’t afford it. From these registrations, you pay the presenter's fee of $8800 plus GST for each Masterclass, plus expenses.

This is the most common option. The last two organisations who did this in regional areas in Australia got 80 people in one city, and 92 in another. They made surplus of over $30,000 each for their nonprofit organisation and all were happy.

Package 2: Act as a sponsor organisation

In this package, your organisation acts as a sponsor and promotes the public Masterclass to your networks.

Conscious Governance takes the registration fees for the Masterclass (usually around $595 incl GST), cover all the costs involved (catering etc.). This package creates the opportunity for us to build capacity in communities we wouldn't otherwise visit.

Please note: we require a minimum of at least 30 registrations to agree to this package. Typically, we offer a few scholarships that grant free attendance, which you could allocate under your banner.

Package 3: Take the Masterclass in-house

If your Board would like a bespoke, internal Masterclass this is the package for you. This may include your Board and senior executives, even funding bodies. This package is $8800 plus GST plus expenses per Masterclass.

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