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'Practical Tips for Making Your Strategic Plan Work'


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Dust off your strategic plan and look at it from a completely different point of view.

Is it creating the change required?

Too often an organization’s strategic plan resembles what has been done in the past. As a result, the plan becomes a bloated wish list. (This is why strategic plans tend to live in the filing cabinet…)

But there is a better way to plan for your future – and it won’t cost you weeks of planning.

In this webinar, Jodie digs into her decades of strategic planning experience, cuts through the noise and show you exactly what works in strategic planning and what could be costing you time, money and one too many sleepless nights.

You will learn:

  • Why the vast majority of strategic plans are useless – and how to fix it
  • How to make your strategic plan actually strategic (This is crucial!)
  • How to track and report what really matters at Board and staff level
  • How and when to change your plan
  • Who you need to assemble for your best strategic planning team ever

Plus Jodie will explore how you can create your next strategic plan in just ONE day.

Webinar Details:

Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018*
Time: 12:00—1:30pm AEST
Venue: Online, Global Webinar
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Registration: 125 AUD


*Can't Make the Date? Register anyway and you will receive the video replay to view at your leisure after the webinar has taken place.

Register for the Webinar

Jodie Willmer

Jodie Willmer has over fifteen years’ experience in CEO and senior management roles in Not-For-Profit and industry associations sector. Jodie helps Boards and CEO's of Not-for-Profit organisations to be strategic, and achieve their vision, in a vastly changing world.  She works with Boards and CEO's to help them devise and define their strategic direction; assisting them to conceive and develop short and long term strategies that achieve organisational agendas and goals.

Jodie has vast experience in facilitating strategy, risk management and governance workshops for the Not-For-Profit sector, community services and health organisations, volunteer led boards, incorporated associations, health, disability and homelessness services, transport, tourism, peak bodies and industry associations.

Jodie was the CEO of Travellers Aid Australia for 8 years and served as a director on the board of the Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS) for 6 years and as a member of the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee. She is the inaugural President of Emergency Relief Victoria.


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