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How to use your Vision Statement for Innovation

Your Vision statement is more than a catch phrase: it's a call to arms. Discover how to lead and inspire change using your Vision statement and unlock hidden innovation across your organization.

Tap into the hidden power of your vision statement →

"A very creative approach for reviewing your vision statement and building innovation. It is powerful in its simplicity and can be used by everyone regardless of their position in the organization. Thank you again for sharing this tool with me. "

Francis Broekman
CEO, Brophy Family & Youth Services

Does this sound like you?

→ You have a well-intentioned Vision statement, but you can never remember what it says (…that’s not your fault by the way)

 → A Vision statement is a nice reminder of your purpose, and it helps with external marketing, but you can’t see how it can be a tool to leverage your strategies, get all stakeholders really pulling together or provide you with inspiration for innovation

 → Your Vision statement took a planning committee hours (sometimes even days) to craft, and to revisit or question it now would undo all of their hard work

Everyone has a vision statement...

(Sometimes it's called a mission statement, a statement of purpose or similar.)

That’s true whether you operate an educational organization, a multimillion-dollar healthcare enterprise, a local sports club – and I'm sure it's true for the organization you’re currently involved with.

It appears at the bottom of your email signature, top of your letterhead, or tucked beside your logo as a tagline.

If you’re really lucky, it reads clearly – short and inspirational. But for some, that’s about as much value as it offers.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that and it works well enough for some.


But for the last 30 years, through hundreds of Masterclass sessions and public workshops we have been showing organizations how to use their Vision statements as a springboard for innovation.


The highest performing organizations aren’t just effective in how they operate, they are driven by a deep sense of purpose and vision.

In highly effective organizations, this ‘Vision-alignment’ is so pronounced that a clear line can be drawn between what their Vision statement says and how they conduct their day-to-day affairs. Everyone in the organization simply gets it.

In our experience, only a fraction of organizations truly operate in this way.


But not anymore…


“How to use your Vision Statement for Innovation” is a micro-program, concise enough to finish in one sitting, simple enough for anyone to apply.

First, it will show you how to take your Vision statement and assess whether it currently works.

If you decide it doesn’t work, and you think it could be rejuvenated, then you will have the tools to forge a new Vision statement. Simple, quick, effective.

Next, the program will walk you through exactly how to put your Vision statement to work: helping shape programs, exploring practical innovations and drawing focus to your key business drivers.

"One of the most strategic tools you and your organization can have that, if used properly, can unlock revenue, innovation, Board strategic decision making and an aligned staff culture."

Steven Bowman
Presenter of "How to use your Vision Statement for Innovation"

After this digital micro-program, you will know:
  • The right questions to ask in evaluating your Vision statement and its power
  • The simple errors we see in nearly all Vision statements that make them unusable, and how to restructure them to make them a strategically useful tool
  • Practical ways to drive innovation in your organization using the language and promise of your Vision statement
  • How to embed your Vision into your Board’s decision making and your daily operations, allowing everyone to use the key elements of your Vision to help shape conversations, decisions, new opportunities and provide the cohesiveness that withstands time

"Really thrilled to have a new vision that speaks to me and an awesome strategic plan that is sure to keep us busy on the right things."

Cara Honeychurch
CEO, Ten Pin Bowling Australia

This program is ideal for...

The Senior Executive Team

- To better use its vision statement to create the required culture.

- To help staff champion innovative ways of thinking and focus on what's important.

- To unlock innovative programs and revenue sources without creating mission creep.  

Board Directors

- To help frame their questions/comments.

- To give them a powerful story to champion.

- To provide strategic analysis of new opportunities and business possibilities.

Your Investment

$95 AUD

All inclusive, one-time payment


-2 easy-to-digest sessions (see program outline)

-3 PDF downloads including a DIY Vision matrix

-Lifetime access, so you can reference the program into the future

-Tested techniques for creating innovation from your Vision statement, proven in organizations of all sectors and sizes

Checkout →



Program Outline

-Forging a Powerful Vision statement

-Simple Ways to Embed the Vision Statement into Everything you do


Bonus PDF downloads

-Vision & Innovation Matrix

-Creating a Vision Statement

-A Quick Guide to Writing an Impactful Vision Statement

Presented by Steven Bowman

Steven Bowman is the director of Conscious Governance, based in Melbourne, Australia. He is sought after by businesses around the world as an expert adviser on conscious leadership, strategic innovation and awakening the power of consciousness within organizations. 

Steven has held numerous senior executive and CEO positions with some of the USA and Australia’s most prestigious organizations. He has authored and coauthored over fourteen books on nonprofit governance, strategy, risk and executive leadership.

He currently consults with over one thousand nonprofit and corporate organizations each year in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Fellow of the Corporate Law and Accountability Research Group, Monash University. 


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