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'Dramatically Enhancing Your Board Reporting'





In this webinar, we will offer you some powerful insights into how Boards, executives and CEOs can dramatically transform and streamline their reporting to the Board.

In addition to this, the content of Board Reports will be scrutinised to ensure it is meaningful and relevant for the information needs of Board Directors and Chairs.  In particular, we will discuss tips and techniques in the Webinar that will give Webinar participants examples they can implement immediately to help achieve the following outcomes:

  • How to shorten your Board Agenda packs dramatically, and at the same time, make them more relevant
  • How to eliminate micromanagement during Board meetings
  • Some of our 10 techniques for your Board Agenda that will enhance the focus of the Board Directors on strategic and governance matters
  • How can we actually develop meaningful measures that adequately track performance of health and human service activities?
  • Developing Dashboard Reports to summarise reporting on performance and activity, while ensuring under-performing areas are highlighted for review by Directors
  • Using the Net Promoter Score to see how your clients and customers really rate your performance
  • Developing ‘Leading Indicators’ (rather than relying on lagging indicators). Leading Indicators will give Boards and Executives information that better reflects current and future performance, not just past performance

Your Presenter: Brendan Walsh

For more than three decades, Brendan has been a passionate and inspired contributor to nonprofits in Australia. His substantial experience includes roles as Senior Executive, CEO, Director and Board Chair of a number of highly successful and strategically focussed organizations.

He has worked in community and social enterprises, as well State and Local Governments. He has also spent close to a decade in private sector consulting roles in nonprofit and healthcare strategy, and including ICT.

Brendan has a passion for transforming organizations to better support the people and communities they serve. He also has interest and experience in helping organisations to identify and seize opportunities for alliances, partnerships and when appropriate, mergers.

He has direct experience in mergers that led to creation of a national alliance of disability support providers. The alliance and members now deliver supports of close to $1b AUD, Australia wide.


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